Photo by Ashley Joncas

Hi! Welcome and thanks so much for visiting my blog!

After a few years of focusing more on fashion on my Instagram (mostly so I could have a visual diary of the outfits I was putting together for myself), I realized that there were people actually interested in my fashion and style. So I decided to create a space where people could come to learn more about the fashion I’m wearing, the things I’m currently into, and where they could get advice on where to find fashionable goth clothes for plus sizes.

Being a plus size means you tend to be very underrepresented in the goth/alternative community when it comes to fashion brands and alt pages, and even more so when you’re a black/poc goth (Black/poc goths are almost invisible on most alternative fashion brands Instagrams and websites, and non existent if you’re black/poc AND plus size.). Because of this, there’s a lot of questions on where plus size goths can go to find goth and alt fashion that will not only fit them, but will look good on them. I want to help.

Thank you for joining me!

-Dawn/Stygian Siryn