Goth Plus Size Buying Guide

(I’ll be keeping this post updated with new information as I discover new things with current brands listed and new brands to add to the list!)

Buying from stores that are not known to use plus size models or even sell plus size specific clothing can be a nerve wracking and anxiety filled experience. Not knowing you can actually fit into clothes at these shops can also leave you bummed thinking you can never wear anything you see there. Then on the other end of the spectrum, there are even some plus size stores that you may go “I am definitely NOT going to find anything goth or alt in there” that can surprise you if you know where to look!

This is a list of places that I shop from (some are already plus size focused) that I’ve found success in buying from and I hope will help you find success as well! I’ll give you a few tips and tricks on what and when to look for when shopping for goth/alt items from these stores. If you see a place that isn’t listed here, it’s probably because I may not know about it, or know about it, but may not necessarily have found things I like at that particular shop at this time.

Black Milk Clothing



**UPDATE: As of January 2021, beginning with the Moonchild collection, Black Milk now makes all of their clothing up to an XXL, not just unisex items! (Items purchased by me or gifted to me from this point on will be a XXL on items available in that size. Exceptions are things like kimono robes)**

You will more than likely see Black Milk Clothing popping up in my OOTDs on Instagram. I’ve been purchasing clothes from them for about 5-7 years now (I’ve lost count) and this is probably the brand I’m most asked about by other plus size followers because they tend to not use plus size or even thicker bodied models in their site catalog or in their look books. They do, on occasion, share plus size customers on their Facebook and Instagram feeds which is great!

YOU CAN WEAR BLACK MILK CLOTHING! I am a US size 22 (49 inch bust, 43 inch waist, 56 inch hip) and can fit into their size XL/XXL leggings, skirts, tops (not anything w/o stretch or with buttons. I don’t buy those because they won’t fit), pants, and dresses and buy XXL in boyfriend shirts and touchdownsOSFA Bodysuits also fit as long as they are super stretchy like the A Sassy Nation bodysuit. They do go sheer though so keep that in mind.

If your measurements are larger than mine, sadly, this may not be the brand for you. If you’re smaller than me, you will be fine! You have to remember that spandex clothing stretches. Unfortunately if you’re smaller than me, I cannot offer you sizing advice as honestly we are not built the same and this is not a plus size brand or a brand who specializes in plus size.

(USE THE SIZE CHART! KNOW YOUR MEASUREMENTS! Please do not ask me to help you with sizing. Reach out to them if you’re not sure. I only know how things fit me and my body, not how things would fit you.)

The measurements they show on their site is for an un-stretched garment (with the exception of items with no stretch). I find that the newer type of spandex (or nylon as they refer to it) they use can stretch at least 4-7 inches further and are a quite bit more comfortable now than in previous years.  The foiled fabric tends to stretch a lot as well, same with the wet look fabric and their new standard leggings fabric. But do note, that if you suffer from chub rub, this could rub the foil away from your inner thighs if you purchase a pair of foiled leggings. The velvet leggings are moderately comfortable, but don’t have as much stretch as the nylon (but are still stretchy), and the toasties (fleece lined leggings) don’t stretch  as much as the nylon either if your bigger thighed like me. Also, if you have a larger stomach/waist, things may not work for you/fit you.

The things I tend to avoid are tight fitting long sleeve items, as those can be super tight if you have bigger biceps like I do (BM Fit, their new sizing for the past 1 or 2 years,  has made things way more comfortable) and tops with buttons and no stretch . Look for loose flowy sleeves if it’s a sleeved item OR sometimes if it’s one of their bodysuits (I recommend the A Sassy Nation bodysuit as it’s VERY stretchy), depending on the type of spandex they use, you can even get away with those. If you have a large bust like mine, get the Long Torso (LT) option if it’s available for their skater dresses. It will allow you more room and not cut you off so short in the waist.

Also, if you opt to get one of their Touch Downs (the football jersey tops) and/or Boyfriend Tees, those go up to XXL and I usually buy that size for even more comfort even though an XL can also fit just fine. These are considered unisex items and therefore, are offered in XXL.



Killstar is one of those brands that doesn’t really cater to the larger end of plus size (I’d say their 3XL and 4XL is more of a US 14/16 and US 18/20). Hopefully they will improve the fit of their plus selection in the future.

That being said, most plus sizes don’t realize they can shop from this brand. Four of the items above are from their plus size section (I wear their 4XL which is about a size 18. Depending on the cut and fabric, it can sometimes fit a size 20-22. I’m a size 22.), and one is from the straight size section (The moon sweater). The trick with buying their non plus size specific items, is to look for things described as unisex and oversized. Also look for batwinged tops! I buy those things in a 2XL/XXL if they don’t make the item in plus, as I have a better chance of it fitting.

The biggest issue they have with the plus line is that they do not size up accordingly in the bust and biceps (even the short sleeve items are too small and need to be lengthened and widened) and also making everything too high waisted (everything with a defined waist seam looks like a babydoll cut on me). They are designing for a smaller chested plus size, which means I stay away from form fitted chiffon items and button ups. They don’t fit me and sadly I’ve had to make some returns. Stick with the loose items, the jersey knits and stretch velvets if you are bustier or have bigger arms.



For the longest time myself and others were clamoring for plus size offerings from this brand. When we finally got them, we weren’t given a size chart (and still don’t have one even though it’s been over 2 years since they introduced their 2X-5X sizing.). So ordering from them can be a little frustrating and inconvenient.

The trick I’ve found with ordering from Deandri is to look for the jersey knit items. Those have stretch and are very comfortable to wear. They do offer their other styles in up to 5X but the problem is, they do not take into account that some of their bigger customers also may have larger chests and larger biceps. I’ve had to send things back because while normally I wear a 3X in most brands, in their brand, I’m either a 4X or a 5X depending on the cut, and it would fit in the body, but I couldn’t get the sleeves all the way up on one arm (I have one bigger arm) and therefore, couldn’t even wear it, or the chest area was so small it looked awful when zipped up. They could definitely benefit from different shaped plus size fit models. I currently have two more Deadri dresses in my closet I haven’ been able to wear due to one sleeve being too tight on both of them , but refused to send them back due to their terrible customer service (let’s be honest, they’re understaffed) and the whole “I wanted these so bad” thing. So they’re my “When I lose a little weight, I can wear these” dresses. >.< They fit fine everywhere else. (I’ve since gotten the sleeves tailored and can wear them now!)

If you are a smaller chested plus size with smaller biceps, then they can definitely work out for you! Please note that there is a risk they may not, and you may have to go through their customer service gauntlet to do an exchange (they don’t refund).



Foxblood is an indie goth/alt brand based here in Los Angeles. They’ve shared my photos on their Instagram feed to also let other plus sizes know this is a place they can shop from and look amazing in. If you need black work/play/party/lounging clothes, this is where you go.

They currently go up to a true sized 3XL. In their brand I’m a 3XL (about a size 22) which does fit me perfectly. I can’t wear the jeans as they do run on the smaller side (I believe the waist goes up to 37 inches on their 3XL jeans). Everything looks amazing on, is amazing quality, and will make you feel amazing. I can honestly say that I don’t get nervous ordering my usual size from them as 9 times out of 10 it fits perfectly and comfortably and feels like a true plus size item. And their signature Foxblood stretch jersey knit is soft as silk, feels high quality, and feels sooo good on your body. It’s a medium weight fabric and is my favorite fabric to wear from them so definitely look at their Foxblood Signature section.

City Chic


City Chic is one of those brands that is a mix of Torrid like items, and something a little more edgy. The dress, and two tops above are all City Chic (tops paired with Black Milk  regular leggings and velvet leggings).

I think I found this brand completely by accident via Nordstrom (I look for plus size black clothes everywhere haha!) and then discovered they had their own online shop and mall shops as well. They can get some KILLER sales on their online store ($50 tops for under $20 most times, yes please!) and so all three of the items above I did NOT pay full price for and got each for under $20 each when they were all at least $40-$60 originally. That being said, they are a plus size brand and sell nothing but plus size. (I wear a size L and sometimes XL on their brand) They have hidden gems that you can definitely goth up, so definitely keep a watch there!

Make sure to pay attention to their size chart because most things run a size or two bigger.

Hot Topic


Hot Topic is the granddaddy of goth/alt stores. They’re still a place I go to when I’m looking for some goth clothes because I don’t have to try very hard to find things. My only gripe with them is that they only sell plus sizes online and do not carry them in store.

They have a decent size plus section on their site that offers a lot of the same items that they carry in straight sizes. They also get exclusive collections with goth brands like Blackcraft Cult, which have expanded their offerings (get it? lol) into plus size through Hot Topic online which has been a really cool thing to come out of that collaboration.

If I go through all the plus stuff and don’t find anything I don’t already have or anything I really like, then I tend to go look for men’s band tees for goth bands or Blackcraft shirts I like. I stay away from the straight sizes for women because they’re all juniors, and therefore, are small and won’t fit. BUT, you do need to also watch out with the plus size items as sometimes Hot Topic can work with vendors who create items that run VERY small (there was a short sleeve long side slitted fishnet and a sheer black top top I got in my normal size 3 and they wouldn’t even fit. I had to exchange both for a 5 for them to fit me the way it should have in the 3. So definitely be mindful of that.). Hot Topic (and sometimes Torrid) still sell TRIPP NYC and I find that brand to have always fit me correctly and been true to size with only 1 exception over the years.


I hope this guide helped you out and if you have any other questions for me, definitely leave a comment and let me know!


16 thoughts on “Goth Plus Size Buying Guide

  1. Do the plus size items at Killstar run small? I’m around an 18/20 depending on the material, if it has buttons, etc.


  2. Great advice! Been shopping at Torrid for a while but was looking for more variety. Loved the Black Milk designs but didn’t think it would fit based on the size chart (I’m usually a 22/24 or 2X-3X). Good to know I might be able to buy from them!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. In Black Milk I ALWAYS get the largest size offered. I highly recommend using the size charts they provide and looking a the fabric content when making your purchasing decisions. They’re not a true plus brand so if you’re a bigger plus ( size 18+) ALWAYS get the largest size offered. Also, I want to state, I don’t buy any of their tops that aren’t spandex or don’t have stretch because they will not fit me. So I would avoid anything with buttons or that isn’t spandex/has no stretch. You will be fine with the overalls, but I don’t think you will fit the button up top.

      I only know how things fit my body, so please reach out to them directly for sizing help as this is something I really can’t assist with.


  3. I stumbled onto this website looking for plus-sized goth clothes for summer and couldn’t remember the name of it. I was heartbroken until I stumbled onto it again a few months later. Now I’m bookmarking it. Thank you, THANK YOU, for giving this Gothicc lady a little help in finding something special! I want to read ALL of your posts now. 🙂 (I can’t recommend Killstar, though, since their items have fallen apart on me in 3 months or less. NOT the quality they used to be.)


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