Indie Spotlight: Evil Pawn Jewelry

Evil Pawn Jewelry has been a staple in my life for over a decade now. The owner, Faith Evangeline, is a dear friend and also a wonderful human being. I first discovered her brand in the early 2000s when I had been modeling on a shoot for Mia Tyler and Victoria Baker’s fashion line, Revolution 1220. I got to model a black beaded necklace sent for the shoot that I fell in love with and asked where it was from so I could buy one. And they told me it was Evil Pawn Jewelry. This started a long and wonderful friendship with not only a wonderful person, but a gorgeous, superbly made, and spiritual brand.

I get a lot of compliments and questions about my jewelry so I wanted to take this opportunity to show you all of my EPJ pieces. While they are high quality, they are also affordable and do offer layaway plans if you get in contact with their customer service.

All of her pieces are hand made (she shows a lot of in progress photos with wax casts, etc), stainless steel, stones are ethically sourced, and all items are cruelty free (any items she sells with animal skulls are found naturally in the woods around her home, usually from owl pellets).

She also charges them in moon or sunlight and every piece has a story. Faith is a wonderful teacher about stones and their meanings as she comes from a line of very strong and spiritual women. She shares these stories frequently on her social media and it’s always wonderful to read.  Her items are also often worn/purchased by celebrities like Kat von D, Demi Lovato, etc and can be spotted on tv shows as well (She was even featured on RuPaul’s Drag Univeristy!)

If you see anything here that you may think “Oh! I have that too! I got it from ____” if it didn’t come straight from EPJ’s site, more than likely it is a knock off. 😦 (A lot of companies have or are selling knock offs of her jewelry, which unfortunately is very common for companies to do to small indie brands.)

With all that said, this will be a very pic heavy post, so definitely click on the photos to enlarge them as I’ll be posting many images as collages. If you have any questions about anything below, please leave me a comment! I’ll be happy to answer!



A lot of these are no longer for sale (or were custom orders like the white Howlite point with the gryphon top). Faith does small runs of her items since she does have a small and intimate business, so once they sell out, that’s usually it unless she finds a stash she put away somewhere. Unfortunately it makes it hard for me to tell others where they can find something similar, so I do apologize about that! Her stainless steel is quartz infused (not sure if all, or some, but she’ll usually let you know on the item description). The moon necklace was also moonlight charged, which puts a lot of positive energy into her pieces (which I LOVE). She also usually puts her stamp on her items as well, so you know you have an authentic EPJ item. Most of these were bought with my own money, but the Garnet Fyglia Necklace, and the Jeanne Necklace in Yellow Aragonite necklaces were gifts from her.

The Black Beaded Necklaces

This is my very first Evil Pawn Jewelry piece and the one I wore in the photo shoot I spoke of above.
This was gifted to me from Faith. I think it was the first gift she gave me. ❤

Both of these are hella vintage EPJ and are now long gone.


Finally we have the featured image item, my Emerald Caroline Necklace. She sold these a few years ago in amethyst, black, and then emerald. The stones are actually stained glass, like in a cathedral.  I had to have it! It’s my most remarked on piece and one of my favorites!



As you can see, I love rings! Most of them were purchased by me. The Bedlam Ring in Onyx and Freya Crystal Cat Ring in Jade were gifts from Faith. The Bedlam Ring is still available as is the Spider Grandmother Ring in Garnet (and other stones) and Serpent Ring so definitely go grab them before they’re gone! And also, ALL RINGS ARE ADJUSTABLE!! I highly recommend you put in your order notes what size you need and they can adjust it for you! 😀



I love her bracelets and cuffs and actually wish I had more (there are definitely a few on her site I want very badly)! My favorite has to be the labradorite cuff in the center. It’s huge and it has the prettiest flash. Faith’s labradorite items are the reason why it’s one of my favorite stones. Her cuffs are also adjustable as well!



Good news! All of these studs are still currently available in her shop! They’re all stainless steel. The Triple Moon Stud earrings were a gift from Faith.

Other Jewelry


This headpiece was a gift from Faith. The stone is Blue Goldstone. It’s no longer available. I believe it was called a Moon Priestess Circlet?


I believe this was a giveaway item from a few years back. She had a few she was gifting out to people and I was blessed enough to get one. 🙂 It’s quartz.

I hope you enjoyed this little foray into my jewelry collection. Again, if you have any questions, please comment below!



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