Indie Spotlight: Ghoulish Delights Bath Shop

In the first of many posts about my favorite indie brands, I wanted to do my first on a skin care company I found on Instagram that has become one of my absolute favorites, Ghoulish Delights Bath Shop! The owner of this shop, Amanda, is a horror loving licensed Esthetician who is based in Massachusetts. All of her products are horror movie/show/story based which is super fun and appealing for those who like unique bath products that fit your aesthetic. The product labels and containers are also aesthetically pleasing as well! She has a super close-knit community of fans and regularly communicates with them/us via a Facebook group she’s made. She’s always open to hear our suggestions and feedback on her products in an effort to improve and evolve, which is really great. Also, her prices are incredibly affordable for an indie/small business.

I’ve become SO obsessed with her products as they not only have improved my skin with all natural, vegan, and cruelty free ingredients, but they smell INCREDIBLE. She has some really unique scents and likes to play with scents that few other brands (aside from another favorite I will review at a later date) does. Because she’s a one woman show, it can be difficult to make enough product to meet the high demand her products have. So during restock days (usually Fridays) you have to be fast to get what you want before it sells out! Also, every order comes with a generous sample of one of her other products, so you can always try out something or smell something before you decide to go for the full size product which is REALLY nice.

With all of that being said, let’s take a dive into the things I’ve purchased from her shop!

Flesh Fog

Prophecy Girl and Tabular Rasa are from her A Very Buffy Summers themed collection. The Bridgewater Triangle scent are from her general catalog scents.

Flesh Fogs are her body sprays. Most of her Flesh Fogs have an equivalent Corpse Cream (we’ll get into those below) and I like to layer the matching smell on top of the matching Corpse Cream as it makes the scent last even longer. I love that she puts the notes of each scent on the label of the glass bottle along with the ingredients. Most of her products come in glass jars or bottles which means you have to be very careful not to drop them, but they’re also environmentally friendly as you can reuse them once you’ve emptied them out! It also makes the product feel expensive!  Flesh Fog 4 fl oz at $15.00 

Dry Body Oil Spray

This dry oil body spray is inspired by American Horror Story’s Madam Delphine LaLaurie

This is a newer product in the shop that I wanted to try out. I don’t reach for it much only because I’m not super crazy about the scent (It smells nice, don’t get me wrong! It just isn’t one of my favorites. I like musky, spice, and autumn type scents the most!). But it is nice to use when you get out of the shower as it really hydrates and soaks into your skin to keep it from getting dry. So I’ll probably use this one more in the winter when my skin really needs it! Dry Oil Body Spray 4fl oz $16.00


Corpse Cream

Spider Gates and The Bridgewater Triangle from her general catalog scents, Hostel Heart (summer exclusive), and Tabular Rasa and Prophecy Girl from A Very Buffy Summers Collection

Corpse Creams are body cream/butters that feel and smell amazing and absorb pretty well, leaving a non greasy feeling while still hydrating your skin. These also have all the scent notes listed on the label and come in glass jars that can be reused. My absolute favorites are The Bridgewater Triangle, Prophecy Girl, and Tabula Rasa (a really nice witchy scent, that is based on Willow). A little bit of this goes a long way! Corpse Cream 4 oz jar $9.00

Face Masks

Tarman’s Face Melt inspired by Return of the Living Dead and Misty Day’s Magic Mud inspired by American Horror Story: Coven

Here we have two different types of face masks her shop offers. One is a dry powder face mask that you need to add a liquid to (water is also fine) and the other is mud based (dead sea mud to be specific). The Tarman’s Face Melt is really great for acne prone faces/bodies (like mine) and I recommend using it a few days before you have an event, as it will draw all of the toxins out of your pores and make you break out as a result. But after your skin will be amazing! Misty Day’s Magic mud is my FAVORITE not because I’m a AHS: Coven fan (a little to do with it ;)) but because it leaves my skin SO SOFT. It can also double as a cleanser which is a great two in one benefit of it. This one does sell out rather quickly because of how amazing it makes your skin look and feel. I highly recommend reading everything she puts on the site about each product as it’s SUPER important in case you have nut allergies, etc as well as there being helpful instructions on how to use each product.
Tarman’s Face Melt 2 oz $10.50
Misty Day’s Magic Mud 5 oz $16.75

Skin Prep

Zydrate is inspired the product in Repo: The Genetic Opera

Zydrate is a skin prep product that is to be used right after you wash your face before you put anything else on it! I put a bit on a cotton ball and just wipe it all over my face. I really like to use this right after I wash my face and before I use a toner or any acne spot treatments and moisturizer. I especially like to focus on any acne breakouts I have going on as it helps make them disappear faster. It’s a gentle face resurfacer as well as helping your skin stay healthy. Zydrate 1 fl oz $12.00

Sugar Scrub and Perfume Oil

Voodoo Queen Perfume Oil and brown sugar body scrub inspired by American Horror Story: Coven

This scent is MY FAVORITE!!! This was one of the first products (the sugar scrub) I bought from Ghoulish Delights and when I opened it, I wanted to eat it. (DON’T EAT IT!) It most definitely smells like pecan pie and sweet tobacco mostly! If you live in a warm climate like I do, make sure you keep this in the fridge as it will melt/turn soupy if it gets too hot (I speak from experience lol). If it does this, just stir it up, and put it back in the fridge and wait about an hour. Take it out, and flake it up with a fork or a knife and it’s back to normal! This sugar scrub not only smells incredible, but it leaves my skin so so soft after using it in the shower. It helps with elbow roughness and the oils in it really hydrates your skin. The perfume oil is a newer product and I was so thrilled when she released this scent as a perfume oil (I wear perfume oils 99% of the time) so now I can wear this all day long if I don’t want to use the sugar scrub! Something that was new to me in regards to the perfume oil bottle (which is glass) is that she puts little stopper drips in her bottles! I have over 100 perfume oils from a diff brand that uses a similar bottle, but this is the first I’ve had with the little stopper drip. It does make it a little harder to get the oil out and I have to shake it a lot to get the amount I want. But if that’s definitely not a deterrent from me buying more.
Voodoo Queen Perfume Oil 5 ml $11.00
Voodoo Queen Brown Sugar Scrub 7 oz $16.50

Salt the Earth Soak

Salt the Earth Soak in Angry Princess, a scent inspired by 13 Ghosts

Confession time. I haven’t actually used this product yet! (It’s way too hot for baths right now lol). But I will say it smells awesome and I look forward to using it once the weather cools down. It’s supposed to sooth achy bones (when my ankle flares up, I look forward to this helping with that) and to detox! Salt the Earth Soak 3 oz $6.00


English Tea and Demonology inspired by Giles and Saint Joyce perfume oil samples inspired by Joyce from the A Very Buffy Summers collection
Blood Bath and Michael Meyer Lemon Cake Corpse Cream samples

Samples! One of the most awesome things about shopping from Ghoulish Delights is that she puts a generous sample of one of her products in every order you make! She even includes a bag of tea as well. I always look forward to seeing what sample I’m going to get in my orders because it may be a scent I’ve been curious about but afraid to buy during restock (Like Michael Meyer Lemon Cake, a cult classic, which I was afraid might be too citrusy for me but turned out smelling absolutely edible like actual lemon cake!). English Tea and Demonology is one I actually purchased (you can buy samples of perfume oils too!) and it smells AMAZING! I’ll definitely be getting a full bottle at some point. Amanda is VERY good with scents you might be afraid of being too sugary sweet. She really nails the right balance of this smells edible with, this is definitely wearable.

Are you interested in trying Ghoulish Delights Bath Shop? Are you already a customer? Let me know in the comments!




4 thoughts on “Indie Spotlight: Ghoulish Delights Bath Shop

  1. This is one of my top 4 go to brands for skincare and I have been trying out vegan, organic, fairtrade indie brands for years, at first it was just shots in the dark, but I’ve learned to look for specific ingredients and key words about the products. The only downside is the Corpse Creams are so good someone stole one from me! It was my absolute favorite. When it comes back in stock I’m buying 2.


    1. Amanda is such a knowledgeable esthetician which I feel really brings a lot to the table in how effective her products are! I’m sorry to hear someone stole your CC!! That’s a total bummer! I hope it wasn’t a LE one! Which was it?


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